Meet Alexander and The Kid

Who are Alexander and The Kid? They are the made up characters based on my own children. A little super hero and a pirate that are out flying in the clouds and getting the bad guys. My kids could play make-believe for hours and would become these characters when they were little.

I originally came up with the concept of Alexander and The Kid when my oldest two were little. Their imagination and love to create their own worlds inspired me. I wanted to freeze that forever in my photographs. Capturing the special essence of childhood was my goal as a photographer. So with the help of a wonderful designer we came up with Alexander and The Kid. These two little characters that would never grow up, that lived in their made up land of superheroes and pirates.

Now the years have passed and I have three boys and my oldest is no longer a child but a teenager and taller than me. However, I love the Alexander and The Kid characters because they are my boys frozen in time. That is what I hope to do for you during your session. Freeze time. Now 13 years in I see just how fast it goes by. One day you will look back on your images and tear up remembering their toothless grins and carefree smiles. It really is priceless.

I kid you not, I cried writing this page up and looking back at pictures of them so small. What I wouldn’t give for just one day with those two little boys.