When a family brings a new baby home they are changed forever. Their hearts grow to let in this little bundle of joy. I love going in and capturing your new family. There are so many emotions going on and my goal is to capture your love as a family for each other and your new baby.

The things that make a baby so unique is that they change so quickly. Before you know it those tiny finger nails, soft hair, and pouty lips are gone forever. It is important to preserve those precious moments since they are gone so fast. I look back on images of my boys and can barely remember those things after all the sleepless nights. Those images are precious to me and will be for you too. That is why I take great care when capturing your families memories.

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Do you offer different types of newborn sessions? I currently only offer Signature Newborn Sessions.

When should I book my newborn session?
It is best to book before you deliver. We set a tentative date based on your due date. When you deliver you send me a message and we can adjust the date if needed. By booking before you are securing your session no matter when you deliver. I take a limited number of sessions and hate turning people away.

When should my newborn session take place?
Newborn sessions are best within the first two weeks of birth. Babies tend to be sleepy and sessions run smoother.

What outfits should I have on had for baby?
Simple is the way to go. I usually suggest a white or cream onsie for family pictures. Most of the session baby will be naked or wrapped in blankets. No special outfit is required. If you have any hats or blankets that have special meaning, I am happy to incorporate them into your session.

What should we wear for the session?
I usually ask mom/dad/kids to coordinate just like a family session and will provide info on this to help you in your decisions. I am happy to help you pick outfits out when I arrive for your session. I generally suggest to avoid white. Browns and blues are great. Blacks add a more formal feel.

Where does the session take place?
Signature Newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your own home. We sometimes go outside during newborn session but stay close to home.

How long do newborn sessions last?
While every newborn session is unique, I do ask you to plan on around 3 -4 hours. Baby needs a lot of breaks for feedings and soothing and I am more than happy to wait. We are on baby’s schedule!

If my baby is older than 2 weeks is it too late for a newborn session?
No. It is never to late to capture a baby. They will be a little more awake and we will get more awake shots and less sleepy bendy pictures but they will still be beautiful and you will still love them. I don’t know anyone that regrets capturing their baby at any stage.