Full Service Experience | Austin Tx Family Photographer

Being an Austin family portrait photographer for a long time I have tried many different things. For the last few years, I tried to simplify things and streamline things by mainly offering digital files. But the last couple of months I have been reflecting and realized that I enjoy helping families get their pictures printed and offering a full-service experience. I love delivering a large printed image or an album and seeing the look on peoples faces. A lot of times when you get just the digital files you print a few small prints and then leave them on your computer. You don’t get to enjoy your investment and more importantly your images.

So I will now be offering the option of either digital files with your session or getting a credit to use towards a mix of digital files, prints/albums. This will offer more flexibility to customize what you get to match your needs. Perhaps you want to get a large print, an album and then just a few digital files for your smaller print needs and gifts for family. So if you like getting all your files and doing everything yourself, you have that option. If you want a mix that is an option too.

One of the options that I started offering is a unique array of products, albums, and print options.  For example, if you get all your images as digital files but want a matching 5×7 print your can order that now. Some new things exciting things are hexagon canvas, acrylic blocks or my new favorite a standout print. Not to mention the amazing albums that I offer.

Prints from a round rock tx family session

One of the benefits of getting a large print through me is that I go in and edit the image, even more, to make sure it is perfect. I spend time going in and perfecting it so that it will look amazing up big on your wall. I edit all the digital files that you receive, but this is a more detailed edit that would just not be possible time wise on all 40+ images.

Here is a shot of an 18×24 Standout printed on deep matte photo paper and mounted on a brushed aluminum standout. This is ready to hang and doesn’t need framing.

Prints from Austin Family Portrait Photographerdetail shot of photography products

Pictures don’t do it justice. It looked so velvety and luxurious. It was so beautiful.

product offered at our portrait studio

Here is a short video of the print.