Why I switched to a point and shoot for my everyday images

I have great images of my kids. I really do. But I feel like I miss the everyday stuff. I am good at doing sessions with them every few months. I capture them growing up in a beautiful location wearing cute outfits.

But it is not enough. I want to remember the little things. The everyday stuff. I tried to lug my big fancy camera with me and take pictures. But I finally admitted something to myself. I hate it. I hate lugging the heavy camera and lenses. Even with my smallest lens it was too heavy and I was always worried it was going to get stolen or broken. Then I switched to just using my camera phone. It is easy and enough. Nope. After a few months I wasn’t happy with the pictures, they weren’t good enough. I would flip from my camera to my fancy camera.

The problem was that my fancy camera was a chore and a very time intensive. Converting the images to jpg, editing them, making them perfect. I didn’t have time for it. It became a chore. Then I would look through my camera phone pics and they were blurry and the quality was not great. Is it ok for a quick snap to post on fb. yes. But it wasn’t what I wanted to hold my memories in the future.

Finally I decided that I needed a happy medium. I decided to spend on a good quality point and shoot. It felt like a waste of money since I had a really amazing camera. I even had a little $100 point and shoot. But I decided my kids memories were worth the money. I researched and ended up buying the Canon G15.

So far I am very happy with it. It is small and fits in my purse and soon my diaper bag. 🙂 It is perfect for all those things at the kids school like field trips. Where I don’t need amazing pictures but want to remember the day later on in life. I love it for holidays and birthdays. I also love it because my husband can take it and get shots. I am not always responsible for the picture taking.

Here are some of our everyday not super amazing but still special images.