Customizing Timeline – Austin Lifestyle Photographer

So you just got your facebook page to look great and then guess what they change it to Timeline. I think it is going to be like this alot. One of the bad things is that we have no real control and have to re-learn it every few months. But it is a great resource for staying in touch with a lot of people so it is totally worth it.

So I spent a lot of time customizing my facebook page to match my branding. Those little icons are just not the prettiest but the best part is that you can customize them. Here is a quick tutorial on how. Hopefully it will save you the hours I have spent.

So each little box is an app that you set up and activate. You than customize the app to have what you want.

I had a list of the ones that I wanted and found apps that worked for each thing. I knew I wanted one to be a meet sara button. A great way for people to start getting to know you. So I use the app iframes. I then entered the info that was on my website with HTML and added the little button.

I created a button in photoshop it is (111×74 pixels). And then I changed it on Facebook. Here are some screen shots to help you out.

1. Click the little arrow next to the icons.


This will drop down all the buttons and look like this.


2. Click the little pencil button.



3. Click Edit Settings. The icon should already be there because you added it through the app. But it has an ugly icon…well icon of the app not your branding.



4. You can change the Title of the icon and to change the picture you simply click the change button.


5. You click change, find the icon you created and upload it. When you click back the button should be prettified. 🙂























Voila! There are a lot of apps. I used Iframe for my about me. Shortstack for my website button. It is just a screen shot with a link to my site. Although I am trying to find a way to have my site in the icon. For my newsletter app I used Mail Chimp. For my contact page I used Iframe wrapper. It is a contact sheet I have on my site imported into the tab. Although you can create a contact page with 123 contact, I just wanted one through my site since I could keep track with all my normal inquiries.