Wall of Love – Austin Family Photographer

I love sharing ideas for displaying images in your house. This is my new wall of love/joy. I smile every time I see it. Mainly because it reminds me of how much my kids have grown in such a short time. Seeing my little E and his toes makes my heart sing. Reminds me to enjoy them now because soon they will be different and I will miss it.

When clients don’t know what to do with their images I always suggest printing out their images as 12×12 canvases. You can add to the wall slowly and break it up and move it around at any time. I used to have it as two rows of 4. Then I decided to change things up and separated them. I put 2 on a small wall and the other 6 at my entrance as two rows of 3. Then we moved and I had this little niche to fill. I decided to add an a new canvas and make it 9. I love that you can see how big the boys have grown and love remembering how small they used to be <3

p.s. They are not uneven. I purposely left space at the bottom so I could put small prints on the ledge. LOL

Austin Family Photographer