My “baby” turns the big 8 – Austin Family Photographer

My baby turned 8 last week. I can’t even believe it. It was just last week that he was the chunkiest baby ever and had no hair. Every birthday is bitter sweet. I love watching him grow and become his own person. But every year I loose him just a little bit more. He is still a mommas boy so that helps dull the pain a little. Alex hugs me several times a day and tells me not to worry because he will love me forever. *swoon*

To celebrate his birthday we took him down to the Architects of Air exhibit that was at the Long Center. The wait was super long but it was totally worth it. I got to see this amazing piece of art and experience it with my kids. Alex would hug me and tell me that it was the best birthday surprise ever. We also took him the following day to The Main Event. My parents and sisters came to celebrate with us and it was just amazing. We played laser tag and I had a blast. I am also pretty good at it. I came in 4th out of the whole group. Not bad. Then we bowled and my bowling skills were *um* a little lacking. LOL

Alex said he loved his birthday weekend and that he can’t wait to see what I come up with next year. No pressure or anything. I will say that focusing on family for birthdays has been amazing. The best part of the weekend was spending time with family. And second best was of course the cake. We went with a gluten/dairy free cake with natural ingredients and it was so amazing. All my family said that this is our new go to place for all birthdays. It was seriously *amazing* Next birthday make sure to check out Bees Knees Bakery in Cedar park. I loved them!!

Here are some pictures of our celebration weekend.

Austin Child Photographer

Austin Long Center

Austin Family PhotographerYes how I love you so, my first born, my rule follower, my Alex. <3

Someone is into Pokemon. He tells me all the names and it is like he is talking a different language. LOL

Austin Baby PhotographerAt 5pm the kids get to play pokemon on their D.S. They wait all day and watching them talk pokemon with each other is seriously priceless. Those are streamers we put up in his door way. He won’t let me take them down now. hahaha