Introducing Alex and The Kid – Austin Photographer

After 2 years in the making it is finally here. It all started with an idea. I wanted to incorporate my kids into my branding. Not my real kids but their alter egos. Alexander and The Kid is a reflection of who my kids are in their imagination. My kids are always dressing up and creating these amazing journeys and worlds for themselves. So I thought how amazing is childhood…you create your own worlds and live out these amazing made up stories.

Alex has always been my little super hero. He takes care of people and when he was little his favorite thing was wearing his superman cape. Enrique is my little pirate. He lived in caption Hook costume for most of the last two years. He would come in with this huge hat and a little sword tucked into his shorts and his buzz boots perfect for a fast get away.

I had this idea of what I wanted but had no idea how to make it come to life. This was when I hired and was paired with Ashley, Tyrie & Walter from Braizen. I had nothing but a half idea of what I wanted. I knew I wanted my kids as an illustration and would probably have to change my name from Sara Lopez Photography. So they went to work and came up with the idea of Alexander and The Kid. After a lot of work, the design and name was agreed upon.

My kids are my muses. They give me a love for life. I bring that love and happiness to every session. Every image I take my goal is to capture childhood. Not just the perfect smile images but the images that make you tear up because you can feel your child’s personality come out.

I hope that you join me on my new journey.